Fritzing schematics

MeteoHome is yet another weather station project using a NodeMCU ESP8266 devboard with DHT22 and BMPP180 sensors. The particularity in this case is the configuration using a captive web portal and the use of MQTT to send the information to a server. Additionally the machine that gathers all the data runs Home Assistant which is the responsible of showing the current status of the sensors and historical graphs. You cab grab the source code of this project here.


  • configuration of WiFi network and MQTT through a web portal
  • Deep sleep mode included for being powered by battery
  • Temperature, humidity and air pressure measurements
  • Possibility of being used with Home Assistant

Coque is a QML minigame for my little son

I'm just starting a minigame for my little son. He is only 19 months old, but enjoys playing with a tablet and loves cars.

This screenshot shows the the current status of the application.

 The app will be very simple: there is not collision detection, only some items to touch and make some sounds. I'm using QML for this and seems very easy to develop all the things I have in mind.

If I have time, the game will be available for Android for free soon.



Are you a runner? Try MyFartlek!

I'm working on a QML app for runners. Some weeks ago I tried to train doing fartlek sessions and I realized I was continuously looking to my watch checking for the next period. So I decided to make an app featuring voice alerts to order when to change my pace.

Yesterday I uploaded a beta to Google Play and is available to test through the linked G+ group.

I wrote this post (in Spanish) a couple of weeks ago as a reminder just in case I have to do something similar in the future. Sometimes I found QT documentation is not all good  I would desire and with Android Extras I had to spend quite a lot of time to solve some problems. What I wanted to do is to call Adroid's TexToSpeech class from  QT so I used QtAndroidExtras documentation as a reference, this example of notifications and this post of someone else trying to do the same.

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