Coque is a QML minigame for my little son

I'm just starting a minigame for my little son. He is only 19 months old, but enjoys playing with a tablet and loves cars.

This screenshot shows the the current status of the application.

 The app will be very simple: there is not collision detection, only some items to touch and make some sounds. I'm using QML for this and seems very easy to develop all the things I have in mind.

If I have time, the game will be available for Android for free soon.



Are you a runner? Try MyFartlek!

I'm working on a QML app for runners. Some weeks ago I tried to train doing fartlek sessions and I realized I was continuously looking to my watch checking for the next period. So I decided to make an app featuring voice alerts to order when to change my pace.

Yesterday I uploaded a beta to Google Play and is available to test through the linked G+ group.

I wrote this post (in Spanish) a couple of weeks ago as a reminder just in case I have to do something similar in the future. Sometimes I found QT documentation is not all good  I would desire and with Android Extras I had to spend quite a lot of time to solve some problems. What I wanted to do is to call Adroid's TexToSpeech class from  QT so I used QtAndroidExtras documentation as a reference, this example of notifications and this post of someone else trying to do the same.

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